Restaurant Package

Managing social media can be a full time job; it’s easy to get so involved that it takes time away from the other work of running your business. Our Social Media Management packages can take that weight off your shoulders. All of our packages include the following:

The perfect pair

Our starter social media management plan will manage one Twitter account and one Facebook Page. We will even set these up for you if you don’t have them already! Facebook and Twitter are the top two social media services used by businesses to reach and communicate with their customers; without these in place, your social media strategy is lacking. If you have a favourite social media site besides Facebook or Twitter we can substitute one for another account or you can consider the Deluxe package which can manage up to 5 accounts.

A mix of scheduled and live posts.

Scheduling posts is a great way to ensure consistency and expand your reach but it is important to put in some time live, re-sharing content and adding new content. We strike a balance so your pages stay active and have a better chance at finding the right audience.

Comment and feedback management

Staying on top of comments is tricky. While it is not critical to respond to each and every comment, it is important to track interaction and reply when the need arises. We track and monitor comments and feedback, manage the basics, and alert you of potential issues.

Monthly reporting

At the end of each month, we will provide a quick report to show how your accounts are performing, and an overview of customer interactions.

Insurance Bank

Sometimes you can’t guess when social media is going to spiral into a frenzy — either when something goes viral, or for damage control — we offer a social media management insurance package that gives you peace of mind.


Social media services may be substituted and optimized for your restaurant, pub, food truck, or catering service; maximum of 5 accounts for this package. Billed monthly prior to service; subscription or recurring invoice service also available to avoid interruption in service. Additional hours will be invoiced separately or debited from your Management Insurance package, if purchased. Insurance packages roll over month to month but expire one year from purchase date. Text (expository content) has to be provided, or we can provide a quote on the cost of custom copy writing. Detailed terms will be provided in our contract.

Cost / Time

$425 per month for 6 hours per month of active management.

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