Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fans

Every age group is joining Facebook. Your customers– your audience– is on Facebook. From teenagers to grandparents, a billion people use Facebook for all kinds of communications.  How do you tap into this audience? With a Facebook Fan Page. We build your social media presence to drive users to your website and ultimately bring them to you.

What Are Facebook Fan Pages?

A Facebook fan page is a page dedicated to one interest. A business, a politician, a cause: all of these are well served by fan pages. Best of all: Facebook doesn’t charge for fan pages. They are free to create but take time, effort and experience to do right. With an active Facebook page, you can direct your fans to your website and share photos, video feed, or news feeds. It’s easy to start a Facebook fan page.  There are from six different general types of pages:

  • Local business or place – Facebook can connect to locals.
  • Company, organization or institution – Put your corporate face in Facebook.
  • Brand or product – hype one product.
  • Artist, band or public figure – Use Facebook pages to get real life fans.
  • Entertainment – Cool created stuff deserves fans.
  • Cause or community – Do you have a special mission.

Let us show you how we can connect with your page followers to send messages through Facebook, or  share with them all at the same time via your page’s Wall. A fan page links to promotional and informational tabs on your page, as well as a link to your external website.

What do we offer?

  • A review of your strategic marketing plans.
  • An review of target audience(s),your objectives, how we can integrate those plans and build capacity.
  • Usage guide & onsite walk through training.
  • Provide content updates. We will post relevant and interesting updates or posts depending on your preferences and relevant to your key focus.
  • Create a branded cover photo
  • Get the page to over 100 likes
  • Set up on the Twitter platform including a suitable bio description & header
  • Market the Twitter account to get followers
  • Responding & interacting with the initial audience
  • Finding relevant people to follow

Let’s Get Fans!

Stress Free Social is ready to get your Facebook fan page going!
Contact us today!

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