Our Promise

Shawn’s Answer to “Why”

I think technology can free people. It can open the door to new prosperity– prosperity on all levels: financial, intellectual and emotional prosperity. I want to work to unlock that potential in myself and those people I work with.

Shawn’s Promise

  • I will deploy technology to save labour and leverage your labour, your brand and your audience to newfound prosperity.
  • I will make technology and tools easy to use.
  • If the technology needs to be complex, I will make sure you are trained to the point where you can be competent.
  • If the technology cannot be understood, I will work to find a solution that does work and a solution that can be used

Cheryl’s Answer to “Why”

Working in Information Services allows me to use the skills I have to do the work I love: providing access to information whether by collecting raw data, managing information, collating and summarizing research, or instructing others in how to find, organize, and use information.

Cheryl’s Promise

I will help you connect with the information you need and use the information you already have.

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