Our Process

To execute a successful strategy, we have a process:

  • We put in place a team of people who range from interpreters of message flow to reach distinct demographics
  • Our team members who can reach audience verticals so as to not bombard users with our message from multiple sources.
  • We distribute the flow to reach the widest audience.
  • We find champions of our messages by engaging with both casual and committed people associated with your goals.

To aid the uptake of our messaging, we use online properties (websites and accounts) that are popular and use them to drive through messaging.

We are active in the social media. Our parent partnership, Those DeWolfes Creative, has been helping businesses with their social media messaging and search engine optimization (SEO). Sometimes as part of a large web development project, sometimes social media and SEO has been the exclusive task taken on. By making our clients visible and vocal in social media, we have been able to raise the profile of clients for their duration of our engagements.

We use social media to engage with the public and win over audiences. We use a combination of asymmetrical marketing via social media as a means to make fresh argument gain attention to make an idea, a person or a product prominent.

Best of all: we make this stress free for you.