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We have worked online since 1996. We have been a part of social media since 2004. We know the difference between a trend and a pattern. We know how to deliver results with tangible benefits. Stress Free Social is an offshoot of our web development partnership, Those DeWolfes Creative.

Shawn DeWolfe has been doing freelance writing since 1984– for print, online; copywriting and ghostwriting. He started in large site design and web development as a freelancer in 1999. Over the next decade, he honed his coding skills through a combination of freelance and full-time positions. Shawn is not scared by the deep end of the pool: coding, analytics and the tricky stuff that will send some people running.
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As an active blogger, writer, photographer and crafter, Cheryl DeWolfe has been freelancing for many years. She learned to hand code HTML in 1996 and never looked back (although she has updated her skills). She is the training lead for Stress Free Social and writes most of the documentation and training manuals. Cheryl takes on research; knowledge management; writing articles; and building and managing websites.
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